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Natural Rosacea Gel by Ovante Skin Care. Treatment of Facial Rosacea with Natural Gel

Natural Rosacea Gel by Ovante Skin Care. Treatment of Facial Rosacea with Natural Gel

Rosacea and redness control gel is another unique product made by Ovante Skin Care, this gel contains many natural ingredients and was created for treatment of rosacea sensitive skin. Just two, three light applications a day will help to keep rosacea and rosacea related symptoms under contol. Never before has such effective combination of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and essential oils been used for rosacea treatment. When applied, the cream starts working immediately providing instant relief from rosacea symptoms.

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stars5 Natural Rosacea Gel by Ovante Skin Care. Treatment of Facial Rosacea with Natural Gel

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Demodex or Rosacea Question

For 47 days now I have developed a horrible skin condition. It occured after using my husbands razor on my face (whole face) and part way down my neck. (just to remove fuzzies). I also then used sunless tanner and walked outside in hot weather. The next morning my nose area was congested so I used some retin a on my nose and lightly on my face.

I am 51, still producing oily skin, at least when this occured. I only used the retin a for two days. Then all hell broke loose. I have had inflamed, red, itchy, burning skin off. Also have a very wierd sandy like grit that comes out of every pore. They are white, hard and truly feel like grit. I’ve seen 3 doctors for this. One put me on metrogel which seems to make no real difference. (a little maybe). I was put on a prednisone 5 day pack which did knock down the inflamation and burning but it returned shortly after. I’ve tried coconut oil, emu oil, sea buckthorn oil all with little results except they felt good.

I am getting seriously worried that no one is figuring this out. I currently have a patch test on my back administered by the 3rd doctor. They are checking for allergens. I have stopped using all make-up and washing with vanicream soap. That’s it. I will get results on the patch test friday. After asking them their opinion on demodex mites, they felt it was undocumented research.

I have placed an order for several of your products under the rosacea line/demodex line. I am praying that you guys are the solution. Any thoughts or words of encourgagement would be greatly appreciated. I used to have beautiful skin that people often commented on. It is truly awful now and I am not understanding what to do to get it back. Please comment and direct me and do you think this could be a demodex issue?

Demodectic rosacea symptoms of demodectic rosacea

I have rosacea, large pores, dry clogged and congested skin and I cannot find a cleanser that is gentle enough on my rosacea but also breaks thru the layer of dead skin build up I experience on a daily basis. I wear very little makeup, just a touch of concealer on some red blemishes and dont want to double cleanse as it irritates my skin.

I feel in some way its demodex infestation but havent had that determined by a derm yet but something is going on that every night I have to go around my entire face and pull dead hardened sebum out of every pore. What cleanser would you suggest and other products? Applying a cream to my congested chin area freaks me out because it clogs with everything Ive tried there. Oils are the worst by the way. Can you help me? My skin is a disgusting mess.

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