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Liver Cleanse For Eczema Relief

If you have eczema, your skin is inflamed, irritable and is red and blotchy through itching and scratching. For most people, the main method of eczema treatment is conventionally via topical applications or medication to provide relief. Preventative measures such as avoiding triggers. Allergens can be anything from pollens, dust, and drugs to food items or climate. Not everyone responds equally to the same triggers. So, it can be pretty difficult to identify what exactly sets your eczema off.

More recently, some natural health practitioners are proposing that eczema can be treated with liver cleanse. It recommends that liver cleanse can aid prevent eczema and remove the symptoms at the root cause.

The liver is an organ that is located on the right side of your abdomen. It produces bile and blood proteins. It also stores vitamins for subsequent release into the blood stream and removes all kinds of toxins from the blood. If your liver does not filter harmful substances from the blood effectively, toxins can accumulate nor just in the liver, but also in the hepatic ducts, cystic ducts or the main bile duct; resulting in the formation of intrahepatic stones or gall stones.

The presence of intrahepatic stones or gall stones impact the normal functioning of the liver. The malfunction of the liver invariably precipitates as various allergic reactions, one of which is eczema. Eczema is simply considered an indicator of a poor functioning liver. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine also shares in this belief. In this regard, liver cleansing is a prescribed means of treatment for eczema.

Liver cleansing can help remove gallstones and thus all blockages to the smooth functioning of your organ. In addition, poor liver health can also be prevented. Indications of poor liver health include hepatitis, liver cancer and cirrhosis.

The best period to perform a liver cleanse is the spring season, as the warm weather augurs well with the process. Liver cleansing can be done in either in a clinic or in the comforts of your own home. Even for the lattar option, it is best to have the guidance of a professional. A mismanaged or wrong liver cleanse recipe can result in more problems and serious health threats.

Also, while performing liver cleanse, it is best not to take any form of medications or drugs at the same time. Similar to all other forms of body cleansing, liver cleanse should be performed when you can afford to take time off to rest.

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Acupuncture for Eczema

Acupunture for eczema is a natural healing method that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It involves inserting thin metal needles at specific anatomical (meridian) positions in the human body.

Acupuncture for eczema helps by restoring balance to the body by removing energy imbalances and blockages in the body with the insertion of needles at appropriate meridian points. In this manner, eczema is not merely treated for its symptoms but also addressed at the root cause.

During the acupuncture procedure, the needles are manipulated by bare hands or electric signals. The needles are free from any medicine or any injecting purpose, and its role is just to simulate the acupuncture points. If done by an expert acupuncturist, there should not be any pain or sensation at all. The patient may not even realize that the needle has indeed been inserted into the skin.

Acupuncture for eczema is usually done after a detailed diagnosis of the patient. The acupuncturist must first study the existing eczema condition of the patient, his or her body imbalances, age and medical history. Different people may require varying extent of acupuncture treatment, and hence the treatment duration varies from one individual to other.

Eczema is a type of skin disorder that appears on the outer layer of the skin. This medical condition is characterized by inflammation, redness, blisters in severe cases, crusts, scales or scabs on the skin surface. There is usually a burning or itching sensation, and most often, the skin is particularly dry around the affected area.

The causes of eczema can be allergic and the condition is sizably influenced by the weather conditions and diet. Conventionally, in western countries, eczema is treated via topical applications (both steroid and non-steroid) and with the use of oral drugs. These methods are mainly centered on achieving symptomatic relief from itching and pain.

In contrast, TCM principles go far deeper. According to TCM, for a body to be in a good state of health, it should be in a state of perfect balance, both physically and emotionally, with respect to the outside world. Ailments and illnesses occur when this balance is disturbed. The factors that affect the balance in the usual case are climatic changes, internal aspects such as emotional stress, and diet and work.

TCM considers eczema to be caused by the imbalance of three factors namely wind, heat and dampness. Eczema is merely a symptom of an underlying health problem; likely the malfunction of vital organs in the body. For this, TCM uses a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicines and skin preparations. Still, most acupuncturists or TCM practitioners would probably advise that eczema is not easy to treat or cure, since it is an ailment that originates from an internal malfunction.

From the perspective of the patient, thus, it is important that one seeks treatment from an expert acupuncturist and not any amateur. Get recommendations or referrals and do check for proper credentials. Acupuncture for eczema can bring about relief and is definitely worth considering as a form of natural treatment and restoring balance to the body.

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Tips to Control Your Eczema Itches During Summer

Eczema usually worsens in period of heat and humidity. You tend to get excessive sweating if you have the most common kind of eczema called atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis. You are inclined to scratch yourself due to the itch caused by the sweat on your skin. Of course, on the reverse end, there are those with eczema that experience greater discomfort during the cold and dry months of winter.

For those of you that get intense itches during summer, here are some tips to help you control your eczema during summer.

It is important to avoid the heat as much as possible in order to avoid overheating. Staying cool will ensure that you sweat very little. Sunlight during summer is strongest between the hours of 10am and 4pm with the 12pm to 2pm period being exceedingly hot especially in the sun. Try to schedule your outdoor activities like lawn or gardening work, walks, etc. either in early morning or in the evening when things are cooler. Apart from the heat, direct sunlight also saps your strength and people with weak immune systems will overheat faster. If you feel tired, then take a nap in the afternoon to recover lost energy.

Itching is not easy to control for everyone. For those who find they just cannot help itching, please keep topical medication close by. However, make sure that you use them as sparingly as possible. There are also some new anti-inflammatory drugs, like Elidel and Protopic that contain no steroids that are very good at controlling eczema.

If you are going to be exposed to direct sunlight, always wear a hat and sunglasses. You have to be extra careful about using sunscreen as they may worsen or irritate your skin if you select the wrong brand or type. You may wish to try out several brands of sunscreens to find the one that best suits your skin. Best is to avoid being in direct sunlight altogether if you are not able to find a suitable sunscreen.

Do not be fooled if you are in water. Sunburn while swimming is usually faster than in dry direct sunlight. So if you are in a pool, ocean, or lake then you may even have to consider wearing a tee-shirt over your bathing suit. Keep your arms and chest areas covered. Even on cloudy days, ultraviolet rays can cause a burn. On cloudy days wear long pants and full-sleeved garments to cover up.

Hot days can also mean make you thirsty. Drink plenty of water to keep your body temperature cool. Unsweetened drinks are best; so plain water is recommended above ice cold lemonade.

It is not easy to keep your eczema itches under control during summer. You may even feel depressed especially when everyone else appears to be enjoying the good weather outside. It is therefore important to take things in stride. Adopt the above tips and you will begin to feel much better!

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