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Looking for organization that conducts lab tests for demodex in Australia?

Thank you for contacting us regarding demodex test. Being American based company, we can not direct you to a place in Australia where you can go and have yourself tested on the mites or any other skin parasites. We can tell you though, that it is a simple test which can be done in any family doctor’s office or by visiting a dermatologist. All they have to do is make a few scrapes from different parts of your face, put it under the microscope and nurse or a doctor will be able to see if there are any demodex mites present in the skin.

You ought to keep in mind though, that demodex have three stages: Mild, Moderate and Severe. If you just starting to noticing demodex presence: itching of the skin, crawling sensation increasing at night (mild stage – last up to six month), then you may need to be retested if no mites where found in the first test.The mites go deep inside hair follicles, skin pores and in mild stage, number of mites are still low, therefore, first test may not show positive results.

Also, there are two type of demodex which exist on human skin: D.Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis. A given individual may have both species and/or one or the other. The hardest to be found is Demodex Brevis. This parasite stays deep inside sebaceous glands and may not show up on the surface at all (while in mild stage – when number of parasites are still low).

While searching for a physician in Australia who can provide the test, look at the symptoms, they are very different from scabies, dermatitis or rosacea. By comparing the symptoms of there skin disorders you can tell very accurately if you demodex mites or not.

In any event, treating demodex with antibiotics, steroids and other harsh chemicals will not help to get rid of them. Chemicals are immunosuppressant drugs and must be avoided in demodex treatment.

Thank you for contacting us once again, please don’t hesitate to write back if you have any other questions regarding demodex mites.


Dog with hair loss

my mother has a dog with hair loss that started around face and over the years the hair loss is his whole back end and hair came back around face but he is bold down his whole back end and skin is pure calised,tough.the vets just say he has allergies and i know a lot of people around here with same problem.the dog has gotten thin and sick looking if this is the problem it is in stage 3 .i want to know what to do for problem.

Safe Shampoo for Dogs. A Shampoo that is Safe for Dogs. Is it Safe to use my Shampoo on my Dog

What is the Safe Shampoo for Dogs and How will i know if the shampoo i bath my Dog with, Safe? Is it safe to use human or baby shampoo on my Dog?

It is natural that All of us as dog lovers, want our dogs to look good and have a healthy skin and coat. There are many shampoos for dogs available to choose from. Unfortunately, many dogs shampoos are made with harsh chemicals, artificial additives and irritants. When used for long time, these chemical substances can either exacerbate a skin problem or contribute to a skin reaction affecting the immune system of your pet’s skin. Suppressed immune system of your dog’s skin can lead to Demodex mange – when tiny skin parasites get out of control and start causing skin problems to your dog.

In order to avoid such skin complications and prevent demodex mange, you should look for a natural – organic shampoo. Soap less shampoo without preservatives, parabens, SLS, or waxes is what your dog needs.

Alfa is all natural – safe shampoo for Dogs. It uses extra-mild cleansers made from coconut. The shampoo can be safely used for puppies or dogs with sensitive skin. Natural formula of this soap-free, tear-free and pH-balanced dogs shampoo, lathers quickly and rinses easily. It contain a blend of natural neem and citronella oils to help repel pests and protect your dog outdoors. The lavender scent with a calming effect, keeps your pooch smelling fresh and clean. Most important, the Alfa Shampoo boost immune system of your dogs skin, helping to prevent demodicosis.

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