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Questions from Melbourn Australia about treatment of demodex folliculorum

I would like to talk to a demodex specialist, someone who can assist me with purchasing the Ovante products i need to get through this. I live in Australia, if phone call costs are a problem i am happy to call in.

I have been using your demodex shampoo for 3 weeks, i feel it is working, but not fully eliminating them. I would like to also try the overnight cream or hair complex. What do you recommend, can both be applied together?

In your case, use of just Demodex Control shampoo may not be enough In order to eliminate the mites on your scalp completely. You can add few more products which can help to speed up the recovery and overall treatment of scalp and hair follicles.
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1. You should consider using Demodex Control hair conditioner which has more anti demodex oils. Also, as you mentioned there are two more products: the Night lotion and the Day treatment. Both products are effective and can be used together.
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2. Demodex Control Hair Complex (Night Formula) – must be used before bed, after shampoo and conditioner. This product has high consistency of anti demodex ingredients. It will stay on your scalp during the night (when demodex is more active) slowly penetrating skin pores killing the parasites. You don’t need to rinse this lotion. Detailed instructions on how to use it (the directions) can be found on our web – site. Here is the link to this product – http://skinimprovements.com/demodex-mites-hair-scalp.html
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3. Demodex Control Scalp Lotion (Day Formula) – this product must be used during the day (when mites are Less active). The main purpose of this product is to supply hair follicles with vitamin C and other minerals in order to boost the immune system. Our immune system is a main controller of demodex population. When immune system is strong, the mites will not multiply as quickly as they do with weak immunity. The Scalp Lotion is also a Leave in product, no need to rinse it after application.Detailed instructions on how to use it (the directions) can be found on our web – site. Here is the link to this product – http://skinimprovements.com/demodex-solutions-for-hair-scalp.html

Please write back if you have any other questions regarding demodex and its treatment

Effective Demodex Intervention Combine Natural Treatment, Diet and Immunity Boost

I would like to talk with you over the telephone to discuss my skin problem and decide on appropriate method of intervention. The demodex control items you send me work, but from what I have read, I want to tell you what other literature say about what needs to be added for effective demodex intervention.

Thank you for your help; I look forward to hearining from you soon.

- as far as demodex treatment – one of the main problems (misunderstanding if you will) most people have is a speed of recovery. Even though it is natural for any human to try to fix the problem (in our case – treat demodex) faster, it is not the right path. By increasing numbers of applications of demodex products in given day, one might create an allergic reaction of the skin due to excess of a cream or lotion being applied on to the skin. Same rule applies to the usage of scalp treatments: Demodex control shampoo, the hair conditioner etc., – these products must be used as directed. In other words – if you start washing your head 5 – 6 times a day, it will not accelerate the treatment process (it won’t kill more mites).

The basic and main rule in successful demodex treatment is to take your time. You indicated that Demodex control products helping you. At this point, you need to be persistent (don’t skip days – just because you stopped feeling any itchiness). It takes time to bring demodex under control. How long it might take in your case – i don’t know. We have people who reported full recovery in 3 – 4 weeks and we have the reports from people who used Demodex control products for 3 – 4 month.

There is one more thin i can recommend which can help the over all treatment – start working on your immune system. Look into your life style, think, what could affect your immune system: lots of work, stress, diet, illness etc. What ever it is you think affected your immunity – try to change it.

Also – at the end of the treatment, we recommend to use a CBooster – it is a natural lotion made with lots of vitamin C. We created this product for people with demodex to help to boost the suppressed immune system of the skin. This product is very effective but you don’t need it at this point.

Demodex Shampoo Treatment for Scalp Mites


I have a question in relation to the use of the demodex shampoo. I have
recently (innthe last week) started using it and I have noticed a
difference, it feels like it is working, however it also feels like it
is aggravating the demodex, as the biting and crawling sensations
seems to be more intense sometimes. Am I doing something wrong or is
this normal? Also, I am contemplating using your night cream/oil for
my scalp, will this accelerate my healing?
I look forward to your response.

Demodex Controlâ„¢ shampoo is very effective when it comes to treatment of mild to moderate scalp demodicosis. Usualy (if used as seggested) there is no side effects. However, if you use the shampoo more than suggested, you may start to experiance aggravating symptoms as you described in your question. Over use, may simply aggravate your scalp and cause more itchiness and irritation.

Use shampoo as dirrected: you may start to use it twice a day (morning – evening) for 3 – 5 days, after that, you should start using the shampoo just once a day (before bed). The length of treatment depends on the severity of your demodex. You can help (speed up the treatment) by adding medicated hair conditioner Demodex Control as well as Demodex Night Solution which you need to apply at night on to your scalp after shampooing and conditioning.

In your case (when biting and crawling) intensified – take one day break and start to use the shampoo once a day (at night). Often, people trying to get rid of the mites faster by using Demodex Control products more often. It is wrong. It takes time to get rid of demodex and the symptoms.

Please don’t hesitate to write if you have any other questions.

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