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Scalp Demodex Treatment with Permethrin? – medication for Scabies !


I feel pretty certain that I have Demodex mites on my face and scalp. I have worked very hard to try to rid myself of them from my eyelashes, but cannot seem to get rid of them on my scalp. My doctor prescribed permethrin (which is for scabies) which I have used, but I’m not sure it’s the whole answer to this problem.

Doing online research, it seems as if your Demodex products are highly commended by sufferers, but it does not seem possible to buy them in the UK. Do you have a stockist in the UK or would I have to order the products from you in the USA?

Thank you for contacting us.

We don’t have a distributor in UK but we do ship our products to customers in UK regularly.
If you have the mites on Scalp (Permethrin may not help as it is strong immunosuppressant).

Depending on the severity you need to look into this Four products we have for treatment of Scalp Demodicosis:

Mild Stage:

1. Demodex Control Shampoo

2. Demodex Control Hair Conditioner


Moderate ans Severe Stages:

you need to add these two demodex products:

3. Demodex Hair Complex

4. Demodex Scalp Lotion

1 300x300 Scalp Demodex Treatment with Permethrin?   medication for Scabies !

Does exercise help acne

NO, exercise does not. It is ACNE’s Worst Enemy.

Immune system

Regular exercise increases a persons immune system. It makes it stronger and more reactive. A strong immune system is great for fighting off any sort of infectious agent which wants to make a monkey of your pores and skin. If you have a strong immune system then the spots will disappear faster, and may not even sprout at all. A healthy immune system is able to make the skin a less hospitable place for acne. This means that acne attacks will not stick around for as long.


Sweat has a great way of flushing all of the muck and crap out of your skin. Sweat has far more powerful glands than that of your oil glands. An oil gland may have trouble with a blockage, but a sweat glands will just push right through. Also, because it is water, it will move the bacteria and dirt away from the affected pores. It is also loaded with your bodies antibodies and salts, which have a score to settle with the bacteria on your skin. Your sweat also comes out sterile (just like your urine and tears).


Your sweat holds lots of salt. It is your bodies way of reducing the evaporation time of your sweat. If your sweat has salt in it, it will evaporate the salt faster and lower your body temperature faster. This salt is great at breaking down the plugs in your pores and is despised by skin parasites and bacteria. Sweat on your skin creates quite a few homeless parasites and bacteria.

Open pores

When you exercise you get hot. As your skin gets hot, the pores open so as to let more heat out faster. This opening is a great way for your sweat and oil glands to flush out your pores. This is why saunas are good for your skin too.

Better circulation

If you exercise regularly you will get better circulation. Your better circulation will improve your health in general. It will also help your immune system respond quicker and with more force. It will also help to remove the puss from your acne a lot faster. Good circulation also helps your skin stay more flexible and healthy, so that your are less likely to have acne.

Lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is a bit network of see through veins in your body which carry lymph. This is a clear fluid which tries to filter out germs by getting them caught in its tubes and directed to lymph nodes which act like prisons for germs. The lymphatic system is not pumped around however, it only moves when you move, hence exercise helps get your juices pumping (literally).

A Shower

Once your exercise has flushed all of the germs and nasties onto your skin, you are forced to take a shower because you are dirty. This shower is a great way of waving goodbye to your acne causing dirt and germs.

Stubborn BACNE

When it comes to acne treatment, Back Acne or Pimples are more stubborn to get rid off. Even though the cause of back acne is well known: sebaceous glands which are responsible for producing oil, produce too much of it, which in turn clog pores and attract bacteria. This is in fact how the acne starts in general, on face and other parts of the body.

If you look at back acne from different prospective, it should not be as alarming as acne on face as it is not as noticeable. But, when summer comes and most of us want to wear that special open top tees, the bacne comes in the picture and stops many of us from doing so.

Treatment of Bacne in general is more complicated than treatment of acne on the face. Bacne is one of the most difficult forms of acne when it comes to treatment. The main reason for bacne to be stubborn to treat is because the skin on the back is thicker compare to the facial skin. Thicker skin on the back makes back acne more difficult to treat.

There are many well known ways to treat bacne and each of them should be tried out because what can help one may not help the other. Bacne same as acne are treated by tries and errors. There are no definite cure for acne or bacne. But, by trying different treatments and recipes, it is possible to get rid of Bacne.

Treat Back Acne with Back Facial is one of the effective ways. It is normally done at a spa and can clear up the zits. Normally, the at-home follow up treatment necessary for back facial to be more effective. Use of soap with salicylic acid and other natural ingredients is suggested.

Use of Acne Over-the-Counter Medications – there are many available in drugstores. The internet has much better variety of natural cleansers. Ovante natural cleanser and the ABC Acne and Blemish Control cream is the one of them. Avoid use of cleansers with salicylic or glycolic acid or even worse benzoyle peroxide. Wearing tight clothes is one of the NO’s while treating your bacne.

The Ovante cream MELT with vitamin C has also been used effectively to treat stubborn bacne. Finally, this very Acne blog has many helpful tips and articles on how to treat acne and bacne. So, take your time and read some of them. Hopefully you will find the best bacne treatment which will help you to get rid of your stubborn bacne.

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