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Treating Demodex with Ovante on Face, Head and Body

Hi Ovante,

I have been diagnosed with Pre-Rosacea by my dermatologist and recently only came to learn that demodex mites played a part in rosacea.

I wish to try out your products. Can you recommend me a set of Ovante products with routines for treating demodex on my Head + Face + Body? Also, can these products be used long term (Permanently for lifetime even after demodex mites are cured)?




It is common for demodex mites to trigger rosacea. If you were diagnosed with having increased number of demodex mites on your face, head and body, you need to start treatment as soon as possible.

Proper and most effective way to get rid of demodex is to use natural products. Chemicals, steroid creams will not help. We have complete line of anti demodex products.

If your eyes are not affected (you don’t have mites on eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows) than for the face, you need to use Facial cream “Demodex Control” 2 – 3 times a day with very light application. If your symptoms are severe, you might want to concider applying 3 – 4 times a week anti demodex mask “Stop Demodex”.

If the eyes are affected – you need Eyes n Mites lotion.

For Head Demodicosis (when scalp is affected) – you need to use anti demodex shampoo twice a day until symptoms subside. If the symptoms severe – you might want to apply anti demodex oil – Demodex Night Lotion every night.

If demodex spread on to your body, you need to use anti demodex body wash, twice a day while in the shower.

The length of treatment depends on severity of demodex and how long you’ve had the mites. It could take from three to six month to completely get rid of demodex and clear your skin from the mites.

We recommend to continue using our anti demodex products for few more months to make sure that mites are gone.

For complete treatment you need:

Shampoo  8 – 12 bottles 
Conditioner 2 – 4 bottles 
Eyes n Mites – 2 bottles 
Night Oil – 4 bottles 
Body wash – 6 bottles 
Cream Demodex Control 2.0 oz – 3 jars 
Stop Demodex Mask – 2 

You can always start with lower quantity and order more later but must keep in mind shipping time so you won’t run out of the products. Treatment must be consistent, no skipping.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write



Can Demodex Folliculorum Cause Rosacea Leading to Fungus of EyeLids?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on my skin issues and from what I can determine, I may have a combination of stage 2 rosacea, a systemic yeast/fungal problem that is also perhaps growing on my face and in my sinus cavities (sinusitis). I had assumed I had demodex as well because once I started using the Rosacea and Eyes-n-mites products I could feel something crawling under my eyelids. I don’t feel the demodex anywhere else (crawling or biting) but at night I do feel little tickles or flutters at the corners of my mouth, around my nostrils, eyes, which I think is the fungus.

I first purchased your rosacea line of products after researching rosacea treatments which had become significantly worse for me over the past few months. This was before I had any suspicion of yeast/fungus or demodex. I used and liked the products and from the reaction it seems that I had an underlying yeast problem (the products left my skin dry and flakey and with red bumps that were very itchy). Assuming the yeast/fungus was systemic (based on other problems I’m having) I started an intense fungus/parasite colon cleanse. I’ve been on it for 11 days so far.

I had used up all of the rosacea products and there was no significant difference in my skin’s condition below my eye level (my forehead, which was less affected did improve) so I switched over to the demodex skin care line. I’ve been using and liking those products as well, but it seems that the demodex – or whatever the problem is – is just moving around my face, as I have the same reaction as I did with the rosacea products, without the flaking. It appears there is no "die off" and I still have large itchy red bumps.

Also, I use the Eyes-n-Mites every other night or so for 3+ weeks and there has been little change in the "crawling movement" under my eyelids at night. The solution has always burned my eyes significantly and I’m starting to think that the burning is from a reaction to a yeast/fungus that might be growing. I am also suspecting parasites, if the Eyes-n-mites isn’t isn’t eliminating demodex. So what is crawling?

My question – as I continue my colon cleanse (which could continue for another couple of  months) should I focus on eliminating the fungus or the demodex? And treat the rosacea last?

Another look at What Exactly is human demodex?

The demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis mites are skin tiny – microscopic parasites. Most of the time, these mites stay in the roots of hair follicles and deep inside sebaceous glands of humans and animals. Almost all house pets have the mites, mostly affecting dogs than cats.

 Demodex folliculorum is the longest of the two species of mites that affect humans. Mostly this type of parasites stay in hair follicles. The demodex brevis is much shorter and it usually stays inside of the sebaceous glands.

 Under microscope, demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis look like it made out of glass, they are clear. The mites are clear and glass like. These skin parasites live about 15 days. During the day both types of mites stay deep inside hair follicles. At night, these mites come up to the  skin’s surface to breed and reproduce. Going back to lay eggs.

 There are different ways to treat human demodex. In the average, it can take from three to five month with intense therapy to entirely eliminate and clear the skin from mites. You need to keep in mind though, even after mites are eliminated, the skin needs to be rejuvenation mostly with topical vitamin C.

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