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Itching after scabies treatment

There are different treatments for scabies available. Some topical creams are more effective, can kill the skin mites fast and leave no side effects. Other products can harm the skin and have side effects. Your doctor can tell which cream or lotion is good for you and how long can you use it. Depending on the severity of scabies, your doctor can prescribe oral medications as well.

Scabies cannot be treated overnight, it takes time and effort to get rid of these human skin bugs. Use of effective medication is a big plus along with daily anti scabies regimen. Even after the symptoms are gone you need to make sure, the post scabies skin has fully recovered from there parasites. It can take awhile for suppressed immune system of the skin to rehabilitate from scabies.

When the skin itches after scabies treatment is complete, you might need to start the rehabilitation process. If the scabies are gone, the antibiotics and hormones you’ve used for killing the mites could have affected the immune system of the skin. Suppressed immune system can lead to demodicosis, another skin problem caused by demodex mites. The symptoms of demodicosis is very similar to scabies.

Kill demodex with Neem oil

511 300x300 Kill demodex with Neem oil

Most people live with demodex mites without even knowing about the existence of this skin bug. When, for different reasons, these tiny parasites start causing skin problems, the only way to get rid of the demodex is to kill the mites and rehabilitate the skins immune system. Killing the demodex mites and recover from demodicosis can be complicated.

Demodex are tiny mites that live deep inside the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles, it has a good digestive tract that enables to consume sebum oil. The skin bug can remain on the surface, travel about and go back into the hair follicle. It cannot stand the sunlight and travels at night. All these and other factors, along with topical medications unable to penetrate skin barrier deep enough to kill demodex mites, make the treatment complicated.

You should always ask your doctor about the medication he prescribed for killing the demodex. Many topical and oral drugs are antibiotics and steroids, only doctor can tell how long you can use them. Steroids and antibiotics are harsh for your skin if used for long time, it can suppress the immune system and have other side effects. Products with sulfur are very drying, instead of killing the demodex mites it can dry the skin and trigger extra production of sebum oil, that will feed the mites.

Neem oil is one of the alternative/natural ways to kill demodex mites. It can penetrate the skin deep enough and destroy the mites. It is safe to use and there are many topical, anti demodex products with neem oil that can help to kill demodex mites.

Lyndane cream for scabies. Shampoo Lyndane side effects, natural alternative to Lyndane scabies treatment

Scabies are contagious. You need to speak with family doctor right away if you have scabies symptoms. Only doctor can advice right medicine that can help to kill scabies mites and treat the allergic skin reaction caused by scabies mites. There are different anti scabies medications available. Some are more effective than others, some could have sever side effects if used unproperly, others don’t.

The Lindane is well known name among anti scabies treatments. It is often prescribed to people with mild and severe scabies. If you pregnant or your child is infected with scabies you need to be aware of extremely harsh side effects of the Lindane. Ask your doctor about it if he advices the Lindane as anti scabies treatment.

Lindane can be used to kill lice as well as scabies, however it could cause really serious problems. Safer medicines are available to eliminate these types of skin conditions. Make sure that you only use lindane when there’s specific reason why you cannot use the alternative medicines or if perhaps you have used the other scabies products and they did not help to kill the skin bugs.

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